Mabel May Corrick Born January 15, 1890 in Sheridan County, Kansas Died February 10, 1974 in Wamego, Kansas Married Walter Scott Simon September 14, 1910 in Hoxie Parents: Ellis Delmar Corrick Anna Belle Byrne

Mabel & Walter

Children: Wesley Lorring Simon Beryl Audrey Simon Velda Oneta Simon Gail Orville Simon Lonnie Dean Simon Carol Eudora Simon Grace Dorene Simon June Corrick Simon Benjamin Simon

Walter & Mabel

Mabel's father, Ellis Corrick, was born while his father served as a Union soldier in the Civil War. Immediately after Ellis married Annie, they took a homestead in Sheridan County, Kansas. After proving their claim, they moved to Mitchell County, Kansas. They returned to Corricksville in 1902, where they lived until Annie's death. As a farmer, Ellis owned a section of land besides his cattle and mules. He built a store next to his south road which was prosperous many years until it burned. The hall above the store was used for many activities, including Odd Fellows Lodge. Ellis donated about 10 acres on the north side of the farm for a cemetery (Bethel). There was a baseball diamond in the pasture southwest of the house and, weather permitting, up to 200 people attended baseball games on Sunday afternoons. Ellis died in a fire at the family home after suffering a stroke. The Corricks are descended from a Hessian soldier, John Caspar Corrick, who deserted from his company during the Revolutionary War and went over to the American side. Another Corrick ancestor, Andrew Jackson Corrick, served in the Civil War. View the ancestors of Mabel May Corrick here. Pedigree Chart for Mabel May Corrick View the ancestors of Ellis Delmar Corrick here. Pedigree Chart for Ellis Delmar Corrick

Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

Ellis Delmar Corrick

A beautiful image of Mabel taken by her son, Ben