Walter Scott Simon Born June 19, 1889 in Collyer, Trego County, Kansas Died March 27, 1979 in Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas Married Mabel May Corrick September 14, 1910 in Hoxie, Kansas Parents: Francis Lafayette Simon Jennie Kandis Dinwiddie

Beryl, Velda, Gail, Grace, June and Ben

Children: Wesley Lorring Simon Beryl Audrey Simon Velda Oneta Simon Gail Orville Simon Lonnie Dean Simon Carol Eudora Simon Grace Dorene Simon June Corrick Simon Benjamin Simon

Walter and Mabel Simon

Mabel, Beryl, Velda, Carol, Grace & June

Walter 1961 (Taken by Ben)

Mabel & Walter 1911

3 Responses to “ Walter ”

  1. Dana says:

    I can still remember…gramdpop om the front porch sitting in his rocker,Greatgrandma in the kitchen cooking.

  2. Gladi Wilmes says:

    This was beautiful! Brought back beautiful memories of grandpa and grandma! Grandpa would always make up vanilla ice cream topped with honey and yes Dana, grandma always in the kitchen with her apron on cooking something! Both always kind hearted and soft spoken. I loved that old house with the porch!

  3. admin says:

    I have some of those aprons! Mom pulled them out of the trash when Grandma passsed away and Pop had to go to a nursing home. Beryl was going through the house like a tornado, throwing away anything she didn’t feel had any value. I was so sad to see the porch gone from the Wamego house. So many memories of that porch and the four-o’clocks growing around it.

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