Sheridan County, Kansas

Midway School, Sheridan County, Teacher Walter S. Simon

You'll find many of our family connections buried in the Bethel Christian Cemetery in Sheridan County, including Lonnie Dean Simon and other family connections named Byrne, Corrick, James and Transue. More Simon relatives are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, including many of the F.H. Simon family and the Elva Phelps family.

Grandpa Corrick's Store at Corricksville, KS

General Store Lucerne, Kansas

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  1. jeff says:

    do you have a date on the photo of the midway school? Did your relative teach there at the time of the murder in the 1910s?

    • admin says:

      There was no date on the photo. Grandpa told so many tales of the prairie and teaching at the little sod schoolhouses before this school. But, I don’t remember any stories about a murder. Many of his former students sent Christmas cards all through the years until his death. He was such a kind, intelligent and thoughtful man. I know his students must have loved him. His future wife was also a schoolteacher on the prairie.

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