Frederick Auguste Simon

Frederick Auguste Simon Born November 23, 1817 in Lignières, Canton Neuchâtel, Switzerland Died July 8, 1881 in Neuchatel, Nemaha County, Kansas Married Sarah Emeline Benton November 5, 1851 in Athens, Athens County, OH

Sarah Emeline Benton

Parents: Jean Louis Simon Rose Marguerite Bonjour Children: Sarah Margaret Simon Edward H. Simon Francis Lafayette Simon Hannah Rebecca Simon Frederick Hiram Simon Louis M. Simon Ancestors of Frederick Auguste Simon On 22 February, 1849, Frederic Auguste Simon obtained a passport in Switzerland and entered France on 24 February on his way to the United States. He departed France from Le Havre in April on the ship HMS Scotland, which arrived in New York on 3 May 1849. His passport stated that he was a farmer, 31 years olds, 5'5 1/2" tall, with gray-brown eyes, brown hair and a brown beard. In the 1850 census, he is noted as a laborer on the Brown farm in Ames, Athens County, Ohio. His future wife, Sarah Benton, her brother and sister lived nearby. He married Sarah in 1851. On May 19, 1856, he was naturalized in Athens County, Ohio. Five of his children were born in Ohio, the last in 1863, after which the family moved to Indiana. The sixth child was born in Indiana about 1864. August's brother, Charles, had come over later and his wife joined him in 1856. They settled in Indiana before going to Neuchatel, Kansas, in the Spring of 1858. August followed with his family in February of 1869. Both brothers died in Neuchatel. From Old Settlers' Tales by F.F. Crevecoeur: "August Simon, a brother to Charles, and a cousin to Louis C., came here from Illinois, with his wife, Sarah, a sister to Benjamin Benton, and children, Margaret, who married Norris Herrick, in 1872, Edward, Frank, Rebecca (Mrs. Tom Peattie), Fred, and Louis, in February, 1869. He lived on the Alfred Bonjour farm a few years, where Emile lives, then he homesteaded the north half of the Otto E. Teske farm, in Mill Creek township. He built a house on the west side of the slough on his claim, where he lived a couple of years. His son, Louis, died there. He then moved over to the east side of the slough, building almost opposite Henry Cross'. Frank went to Illinois with his uncle, Mr. Benton, in 1874. Mr. Simon sold out to L. J. Glover in 1875, and moved back to Illinois. His sons Ed and Frank, came back to this locality, in 1877, stayed a year, and then went back to Illinois and stayed that winter, and the next spring they came back to Kansas, with their parents and their brother, Fred. Margaret and her husband lived on the Teske place, where her two children, Frank and Sarah, were born. Margaret died at Neuchatel, in 1881, and her daughter died there the same year. Mr. Simon died in 1881, while living on the A. Linderman farm, near August Kolterman's. Edward died in the southwest part of the state, five or six years ago. Mrs. Simon died, southwest of Onaga, last spring. Mr. Simon was a broom maker, and made the article at odd moments while he was living on the Teske place." [Top]