Wanda is the unofficial family historian for the Simons. She has been researching the ancestors for many years and is always looking to meet a new cousin. Please contact Wanda with any genealogy questions or to add information on one of your relatives. Email Contact Much of the information from Switzerland has been verified by cousin Nicolas Junod, who still lives near Lignières. He has a wonderful website where you will find more information on our family as well as photos and historical information. Visit and contact Nicolas if you will be visiting Switzerland.

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  1. Sharon Amos says:

    Glad someone has started a website for the family. I am decended from Louis Constant Simon and Louise Josephine Henri Simon. Would love to make contact. I have even given you a friend request on Facebook. thanks Sharon

  2. Darby Corwin says:

    Do you have a proof of marriage for Albert Corwin & Catherine Inman? I talked to a aunt who is dead now and she said that when Albert Married Catherine that he was sick and the family did not want him to remarry. She said the children went and got hom and moved him back to live with them. I was just wondering iwhat information you might have. thank you.
    I am a Great Grandson of Albert but I never met him, he died befor I was 7 years old.
    Darby Corwin

    • admin says:

      I believe my original information came from a book about families in Athens County. But, an Inman database lists as a resource Ohio Death Certificates page #31813. Here’s a link to that certificate and while we don’t have a marriage record, the death certificate seems pretty clear.

    • admin says:

      I took a closer look at the death certificate. Albert Corwin is listed as both the informant and the spouse on Catherine’s death certificate. That makes it seem pretty clear that they were married at the time of her death. Perhaps he moved back with his children after she died. You know how these old stories can get a bit muddled. We have numerous examples of that. Let me know if we can help with anything else.

  3. Diana Junod Weir says:

    Is this the same Simon that married into the Junod family. My 4X great grandfather is
    Jean Pierre Junod(1745-1832). He married Jeanne Madeleine Simon(1757-1928. I have
    just started my I found you through the info for Nicholas Junod. Anxious
    to hear your reply

    • admin says:

      Yes, Diana, the Simons and Junods are very closely related. This part of the Simon family is descended from Anne Catherine Junod (1759-1814). Nicholas is our 10th cousin. While we do not have your ancestors in the family file, if they came from Neuchatel, we are probably related. Nicholas is the expert in the Junod family. His family file is very extensive and he has personally verified all of our data from Switzerland.

  4. Diana Junod Weir says:

    Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I’ve been in contact with Nicholas. He said that
    he is not of the same line as me. My Junods came from Travers Neuchatel, his line is
    from Lignieres. He does have an extensive file on my line which dates back to 1421.
    There was a Simon in my line. My 3X great grandfather settled in Jersey Shores,PA with
    his very large family. If you would like to see my tree, it’s with
    Diana Junod Weir

  5. Hello Diana,

    I guess that by know you found out that your ancestor Jeanne Madeleine SIMON (1757-1928) is from a different – unrelated – line of SIMON : yours originates from the village of MAUBORGET, Canton of Vaud, the one of this family from the village of LIGNIERES, Canton of Neuchâtel.

    Best regards – also to Wanda 🙂

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